The Top 5 Best Smartphone Apps Of 2014

Your smartphone may have advanced specs and a stunning design, but you will be missing out on its true potential if you do not install the right applications. It does not matter whether you are using an Android phone or an Apple iPhone, here are the top 5 best smartphone apps of 2014, which will make your smartphone even more useful for you than it already is.

1. iCukoo Charity Alarm Clock

As its name suggests, this is one of the best smartphone apps of this year because it is an easy to use and lovely charity alarm clock. What this means is that it will not only help you wake up early in the morning but also donate £s to a good cause, depending on how much you snooze the alarm.

2. Neato

Neato is an ideal note taking app for business minded individuals and writers. With this app, notes can be jotted down instantly and quickly, simply by pulling down Notifications Center. The notes can be entered into an iPhone and can then be saved to Dropbox or Evernote with just a single tap. The notes can also be forwarded via email, text or tweet.

3. Sleep Better

As its name suggests, this is among the best smartphone apps because, it will help you sleep better. With this app, your bedtime habits will be improved, your dreams will be monitored, your sleep will be tracked, and you will also be able to wake up better. If you find it hard to fall asleep, this app is for you. oppo f11 pro

4. Today

If you are a smartphone user with a busy schedule, the new Today app will allow you to browse stories and watch videos simultaneously with the new “Multi-tasker” feature, which will split your smartphone screen. Stories and videos can even be saved for later with just a single touch. Stories can even be shared with family and friends with just a tap.

5. Yummly

One of the reasons Yummly is the one of this year’s best smartphone apps is because millions of smartphone users love it and it even made an appearance on the Today Show. With this app, the world’s most popular recipes will end up in your pocket. This app includes a digital recipe box and a very powerful recipe search.


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