Cartoon House Drawing Techniques

Cartoon face with red eyes. Vector illustration for anime, manga in japanese style

Drawing cartoons is actually harder than you might expect. Whether you are trying to draw a person, an animal, an inanimate object, or even a cartoon house you need to expect to have a little bit of difficulty if you never drawn a cartoon before. Though most people underestimate the cartoon medium and leave it is relatively easy to do, the fact of the matter is that cartooning is a complicated art form.

When drawing cartoons, you need to be able to utilize shapes. While this in itself sounds easy enough, there is difference between knowing what shapes are, and knowing what to do with them. Most amateur cartoons use simple shapes and lines structure in order to convey relatively simple images.

Also knowing the angle at which you intend to draw is important as well. You can be drawing full frontal, or you could be doing a three fourths angle, or any other angle you decide to use. However, the more complicated angle that the image will be focused on, the more difficult is going to be for you to draw. For this reason, if you intend to do something that is not a straight on look at what you are drawing, you need to be fully aware of how different shapes look from different angles in order to get good results.

Exaggeration is also a big part of cartooning. The whole point of drawing cartoons is to take something realistic and make it larger than life. We could do this by large lines, soft edges, or just certain aspects of what you’re drawing be larger. For example, if you’re drawing a cartoon house, then you would want circular edges instead of hard edges in order to make it more friendly looking. You would also most likely keep details and a minimum in order to make it seem more like a cartoon unless like something from real life. 4anime

Also in drawing cartoon house, any details around the house should be certified as well. The focus should be on the house, and not on its surroundings. While in animation, pay attention to the background is important, and regular cartoons it is not so much a big deal. You can portray what you are trying to draw relatively easily without putting too much detail on things that do not matter. This also accounts for things on outside of the home, for example things like house damage. The house is damaged, do not draw in unless you are trying to make it look the dilapidated or scary. Cartoons are very simple, and a simple thing like a crack in the wall could make it seem intimidating. A cartoon house is only one example what you could draw, but these rules apply no matter what you are trying to portray.


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